Security services in Phalaborwa, Mozambique, Hoedspruit 

MBA Security Services

Armed banking services, Control and Alarm reaction, Security guards and Guarding

The company is not insured against the loss of monies in transit due to armed
robberies or any other unlawful methods used.

The company has a 24-hour control room service, which has contact with all
personnel and vehicles on duty. Should clients with requests or complaints call the control room center, the message will be relayed by two-way radio to the day or night shift supervisor for immediate attention. In addition we offer a 24-hour alarm response service to our clients

All security guards employed by MBA Security Services comply fully with PSIRA standards and requirements. PSIRA & Department of Labour have determined that the guards are to be graded to perform the following duties:

Over the past few years the question surrounding the effectiveness of physically security officers in
respect of the protection of assets, has come under much scrutiny, both in the media and in the
business world. Arguments have raged regarding the effectiveness of the training recieved by officers as well as their deterrent value in respect of crime.

Our guards undergo extensive on their job training, ensuring that the clients' specific needs are met.
Regular supervision by our trained supervisors ensure that the guards follow laid down procedures. Our supervisors regulary conduct on the job training to maintain our high standards.

Guards are available to preform the following duties:

- Ad-hoc guards.
Can be placed on short notice for short periods of time.
Minimum one shift.
- Contract Guards.
Guards are placed on site for extended periods of time.
Minimum one month.
- Escourt Guards.
Escourting of personnel into unsafe areas.
- House Sitting
Protection of houses/buildings after hours and durning holiday seasons.
- Grade ''D'' Guards
Qualified to preform:
Access control
Supervise grade E Guards
- Grade ''C'' Guards
Qualified to preform:
All grade D duties
Armed response
Cash in transit
Preform on the job training for Grade D & E
- Grade ''B'' Guards
Qualified to preform:
All grade C duties
Manage Grades E,D and C guards
Perform on the job training for Grade E,D and C



Security Awareness Programs:

Making individuals aware of their responsibilities regarding their personal

Surveys done around the world have revealed that people in general have a liaise faire attitude to their own security in general. Often the belief is that security is the responsibility of the company or organization for which they work and never the individual. This is never more clearly demonstrated than in the theft of cell phones. It is estimated that more than four thousand cell phones are stolen every week in central of Gauteng region.

Many people believe that if their is a security presence on site, they no longer have to protect their personal property e.g. cell phones etc. it is generally believed that this is the responsibility of the security company. MBA security Service presents a structured set of lectures aimed at making individuals aware of their responsibilities regarding their personal safety. These lectures can be presented at the clients' convenience, and can be structured to suit the clients' needs.

Technical Surveillance

We are in a position to offer a client the lates in covert surveillance technology. Our investigation teams will provide you with information obtained using the lates in surveillance technology, guaranteeing a discrete, confidential operation.

Security Surveys

Often cliets are at a loss as to what their security problems are. We will survey your business, providing you with a report detailing all the security needs within your organization. The report will contain recommendations as to how the problemes can be adressed. Finally we can implement all the consolations after consultation with the
client in a cost effective and efficent manner.